Pre & Aftercare

Preparing before your Spray Tan:

  • If you wax, you should do so 24-48 hours before the appointment

  • If you shave, you should do so the night before or 24 hours before the appointment

  • It is important to use a body scrub or exfoliation tool on the night before your appointment. This will prepare you skin for the spray tan by removing any previous tans, dead skin and any residue on your body

  • Make sure you do not apply deodorant, moisturizer or perfume on the day of your spray tan, or remove these before the appointment. These can act as a barrier for your tan to develop and could cause patchy areas

  • Double check the weather forecast, we do not have underground parking, however if it’s raining we suggest you bring an umbrella, and wear clothing that will cover your skin to prevent any water drops going on to your undeveloped spray tan

Spray Tan Aftercare: 1 Week After Your Tan​​

  • Bring loose clothing to wear after your tan to avoid, rubbing the tan off, and to feel most comfortable. Our tans do not permanent stain clothing, yet we recommend you use dark clothing

  • No water should come in contact with the developing tan including; swimming, sweating, exercising until you have showered within the recommended development time

  • When you wash off your tan (have your first shower) rinse till the water runs clear and no chemicals shampoos, body wash ect

  • Pat your skin dry post shower – do not rub!

  • Leave the tan on for the right time frame before showering. Your technician will tell you when to wash off your tan, depending on your desired colour and product used. When you have a shorter rinse off time, do remember your tan will continue to develop for another 24 hours into it's true shade

  • If you are sleeping overnight with your undeveloped tan, remember to sleep in a cooler room with preferably on dark sheets

  • Moisturize daily to preserve the tan for the longest time. We recommend using a tan extender, which is available in store to keep the colour longer, stop patchiness and even out the tan

  • Chlorine will shorten the length of your tan so avoid swimming pools and spa’s following application - in addition, a tan extender will help lengthen the spray tan especially when on holiday in hot climates

  • Exfoliate/scrub only when you are ready to remove the tan