Botox & Filler

We offer cosmetic injectable services, must be booked in advance with a deposit of $50 non refundable if fail to attend booked appointment, deposit will be taken off total service cost.

Can offer a free consulatation on injectable evenings. We host these injectable evenings on a friday night. The service we offer includes, Botox, Microfiller, PDO Thread lift, Skincare infusion, Profhilo, Silhouette soft face lift. Our cosmetic nurse Kelly is very highly qualified and leading skincare queen. Questions welcome, 


Botox - $15 per unit

Microfiller - $395 1ml - $750 3ml

Lip Filler 1ml $795

Skincare Infusions ( the ultimate hydration ) $850

After Care for Botox

Post care for BTX-A
1.If you have any bruise at the injection site you may apply an ice pack but don't press too hard as you may cause BTX-A to spread.2.Do not massage or rub the treated area for at least 48 hours after the treatment. You may gently cleanse the area but do not use a scrub. 3. Using the muscles injected is recommended. It helps bind the BTX-A faster to the muscles so feel free to frown, laugh or raise your eyebrows and forehead. 4. Avoid activities where you are likely to perspire heavily for 48 hours. 5. Do not lie face down 6. It is possible to get an incomplete effect from BTX-A. If the effect seems uneven or incomplete after 14 days, please contact us to arrange a time to do a top up treatment at the cost of each unit price. Avoid vitamin E, Asprin and anti-inflammatory drugs one week prior to injection to minimise bruising.

After Care for Micro rolling and needling

Post care for the Micro rolling 1-2 days: You may experience some redness and swelling to the treated area. This is normal response to the treatment and you can apply ice packs as required. You may experience itchiness to the treated area. Avoid excessive exercise. Avoid heat. Avoid chlorinated pools. Use institut Rejuvenate 15 to repair skin and encourage cellular regeneration. Apply 3-4 times daily in the first 24 hours. Use Hydrate masks. 3 days:No active ingredients!!!! 5 days:No exfoliating products!!!!! 7days :No cosmetic injection treatments!!!! 3 weeks :Avoid excess direct sunexposure or solarium use, as this will increase the chance of developing pigmentation and burning. Do Not Pick Skin