Terms &

Please read the terms and conditions before booking your appointment.

We are thoroughly following all government legislations and guidelines for the COVID19 policies

Please ensure you :

- Have 0 cold and flu like symptoms ( if you do we kindly have to reschedule or cancel your appointment )

- Sanitising your hands upon entering

- If the waiting area is full then please wait outside or back in your cars until your appointment time.


No shows result in payment deposit being forfeited. 

If you are more than 15minutes late to your appointment it can result in loss of appointment and forfeit of deposit as we are a booking based system and don't want to be late for another client.


If you need to cancel your appointment, you must give more than 24hours notice. If your appointment is cancelled within 24 hours from your appointment time, your payment will be forfeited. We are always happy to reschedule your appointment but you will need to book online and pay a new deposit for your appointment. Please understand we book out fast and by you cancelling your appointment last minute results in us unable to fill the appointment time to someone who may have missed out.


Due to health and saftey reasons, staff have the right to cancel or reschedule and appointment if the client is sick to protect staff health. If children are brought to appointments please ensure they are supervised at all times unless older then 5 and can sit still with a device, we are unable to babysit and with your eyes being shut there we can only lightly monitor your child is kept in the salon during your appointment.


Please remember the chemicals used in glues, waxes an soloutions could cause a reaction. If you are on any medications that can alter your blood or skin, or have allergies to any products you WILL react. If you are unsure please check or state under notes when booking. 

Standard reactions (redness) can occur up to 24-48hours post-treatment. When booking in with Sleeping Beauty you are agreeing to terms and conditions of all Lashes, Brows & Tanning services. Aftercare advice will be given.

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