Our wax is formulated with the finest ingredients and delivers superior results,

removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other. At the same time, low

temperature, gentle, provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra

client comfort, even on the most sensitive skins.

How long will my wax last?

If you’re a first-time or occasional waxer you will likely notice some new hair growth within 2-3 weeks due to the naturally staggered hair growth cycle. This part of regrowth will be sparse, about one-third of the hair normally present. Soon after the remaining hair will begin growing in.​ Regular waxing will leave the area hair free for 3 – 6 weeks. Over time the density of hair in the waxed area may start to decrease as well.




 Before your Wax​

- If you’re really worried about the pain, and have not had waxing before then take 1 or 2 paracetamol about 30-40 minutes before your appointment. This can help reduce the surface discomfort.

- Make sure your hair is long enough to remove completely from the roots – it should be at least 0.5 centimetres. If you’ve shaved the area within the last few weeks it might take a couple of waxes to get your hair into a cycle of growth that allows the most effective wax finish.


It’s normal immediately after your wax for a little bit of redness and a prickly heat type rash to appear. This should disappear after a few hours and is normally due to a histamine reaction. Because waxing removes the hair at the root, it’s important that you keep the area clean and bacteria free. 

– No sunbathing for at least 12 hours ( have your waxing done at least the day before you go on holiday )

– No swimming in a chlorinated pool for 24 hours

– Same for spa baths or saunas

– Avoid applying any topical lotions for at least 12 hours (fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation)

– Also avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains bacteria free

– Just a gentle exfoliation of the area every 2-3 days ( this is particularly important after day 3 through to about the 10 day  just a gentle exfoliation )

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